The Book Town in Mellösa

Welcome to the first book town in Sweden. The Book Town association was formed in Mellösa on 17 February 2001

Mellösa is situated approximately 115 kilometres south west of the Swedish capital Stockholm and on walking distance to the Swedish Prime minister's recreational residence in Harpsund. The Book Town association was formed in Mellösa on 16th of  February 2001.

The well known authour Robert Åsbacka has written a wonderful short novel entitled The King´s Speech (in Swedish Kungens Tal). It has nothing exactly to do with the beautiful film with the same title. However, it has many similarities. A king with a big heart who is understanding or is trying to understand what it is to be just a human being. Our Swedish King Carl Gustaf XVI has thanked Bokens Stad for the book. Members can still buy it from Bokens Stad for approx. SEK 100 including postage.

Thanks to Mr Richard Booth, the founder of the very first Book Town in Hay-on-Wye in Wales 1961, who support our book town - we can continue building up rich culture in a beautiful surrounding.

There are approximately 40 book towns around the world today.

All have their special nisch. Book Town of Mellosa has peace books as our speciality. Our motto is Together for peace.

Communication Centre

We also have a bookshop at the railway station which has been donated for the Book Town of Mellösa to preuse by the internationally reputed and well known Swedish medical professor Sven Britton. There you will find books about communication, education, science and culture (ESC initials borrowed from UNESCO) ). There is also a variety of old and new pocket books for only SEK 10 each or even SEK 5.


Bokens Stad, Harpsundsvägen 2, 640 31 Mellösa
Mobil: 0708-731913, Telefon: 0157 - 606 07,

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